What Makes WordPress The Best Website-building Platform For New Business Owners?

The WordPress platform is an easy and user-friendly platform that is reliable, and used by CNN, Ford, People magazine and many other top names in the industry. For new business owners, it stands as one of the best platforms for building new websites and blogs. Find out about some of the main reasons it is the right choice for startups.

Easy solutions

The active support of a worldwide community means that you can easily find solutions for issues with WordPress usage or functionality. The WP platform makes it easy for users to find a solution. These come with plenty of plugins or add-ons that can be integrated easily into the dashboard area of WordPress in order to add features that are not a part of the source code. In case you need some particular features that are not pre-built into the platform, there is the option to choose from thousands of WP plugins that are available online and improve the functionality of WordPress. You can almost always find a solution for WordPress development issues.

SEO friendly

The WordPress platform is very search-engine friendly, and its SEO benefits are matchless. The platform boasts of well-written code, which is exactly the reason why web search engines such as Google love websites and blogs hosted on it. It is easy to add fresh and relevant content to WP websites, and there is no need to hire a developer or programmer to do the same. Search engines can easily crawl fresh content on your website, boost the ranks of your site and increase its chances of being found through organic searches.

Support of global community

The platform also comes with the support of a global community. Given that it is open-source, you can find numerous people working on it to improve its features and performance. The WP platform gets the active support of a global community of WordPress users and developers. The platform is also regularly updated with new security fixes, bug fixes and improvements in functionality. Given the huge support, any developer can work on a website / blog based on WordPress and make changes to it. You do not have to depend on only one developer or designer, and can very much own your website.


Above all, WP is free to use and the themes and plugins for the platform come cheap or even for free. For a start-up that needs to keep costs under check, WP naturally stands as the best site-building platform.