Benefits Of Having A Third Party Recycling Company

In this day and age where technology is everything, new gadgets with more and more features are being released periodically. Because of this fast paced changes in technology, outdated electronic gadgets are being swept to the sidelines.

According to the World Economic Forum: “50 million tons of e-waste are produced each year”. If this pile of e-waste is not checked or regulated, this could rise up to 120 million tons by 2050. These broken, obsolete, or unused gadgets pose risks if not disposed or recycled properly. It’s recommended to have a trusted and transparent 3rd party recycling company to take care of secured e-recycling of personal and/or business gadgets because of the many benefits, including the safety of information and of the environment.

Some of the personal benefits of having a 3rd party recycler includes safety of personal information stored in the gadget and safety of the environment and its resources.

First, professional e-recyclers should make it a point to check and destroy electronics before disposing the parts accordingly to ensure that no data will be left exposed. This process helps alleviate the risk of information leaks compared to just disposing electronics on regular landfills.

Second, by properly and securely disposing electronics, one can be sure that it will not be added to the growing e-waste globally. These devices will be taken care of by the recycling company so that no or less chemical leaks will go into the environment. Some of the devices’ parts could be recycled, given that the owner agreed, and some will be discarded. Knowing that the information stored in the device will be safely taken care of and that the toxins found in the electronics will be disposed properly, the consumer will have peace of mind.

Businesses and companies will also greatly benefit from 3rd party e-recycling services. First, there would be no compromised data that may lead to data breach unlike when electronics are just simply thrown in trash bins. This secured practice will not harm the brand’s reputation.

Second, recycling electronics could help the business improve its sustainability strategy. This shows that the business is aware of the rising e-waste problem and they are doing their part to help lessen it.

Third, proper recycling and disposal of electronics helps the environment because the toxins found in the parts will not leak into the waterways and in the air. These toxins are harmful to the biodiversity and to human beings if not disposed properly.

Businesses and companies will have peace of mind knowing that their information are safe, they have improved their sustainability program, and they did not contribute to the growing issue of e-waste in the world.

In conclusion, a trusted and efficient 3rd party recycling company could greatly help consumers and businesses to recycle and to dispose their electronics. Recycling companies make sure that the personal or business data stored in electronic devices are not leaked and that the chemical substances like mercury, lead, and cadmium are disposed properly. Secured recycling services help lessen the growing e-waste all over the globe.